Welcome to the world's first Bitcoin Fork Protocol for the Masses

With UnbankedX:

  • Power: You get the all the features Bitcoin PLUS:
  • User Management: Built in User and Group management with Rights/Roles control
  • Front end control: You can customise all aspects of the site's appearance through themes, with support for many other modern technologies
  • Internationalization (i18n): You can mark content as being suitable for either a single language or for all languages, and can control all aspects of localisation of your site
  • Extensibility: you get a standard application-programming interface (API) that lets you easily extend your site's functionality through modules
  • More: Admin UI, global categories, site-wide search, content blocks, menu creation, and more!
  • Support: you can get help and support from the community of webmasters and developers at Github and Telegram.


The Bitcoin UnbankedX team